Your group. Your rules. Your schedule.

Emergency Room Physician Scheduling Software

Emergency Physician staffing is made efficient and streamlined with the web-based EZCall scheduling program. EZCall's powerful scheduler was designed to create fair, equitable schedules for ER groups. Balanced shift assignments are easily available via the web, or our native iPhone and Android apps. Tools to account for added shift time and other annotations unique to emergency physicians are standard.

Unlike other Emergency Room (ER) scheduling programs, EZCall is fully web-based and interactive. Emergency physicians can manage requests, switches, vacations and holidays, all in real-time. EZCall will automatically populate an error free schedule following your group's rules, customs and policies. Weekends, evenings and holidays are fairly distributed. This makes it easy to balance staffing requirements and individual preferences.

Customizable utilization reports give the group an enterprise view of their productivity, fairness and efficiency.

EZCall will deliver: online, mobile, anytime, anywhere.

Feature Highlights:

Automated Schedule Creation
EZCall will be configured to meet your group’s individualized rules. This includes staff availability, scheduling targets, assignment correlations and restrictions, specialization needs, and scheduling priorities. Our schedule creator takes all these rules into account to auto-populates an error-free schedule. Your administrators have access to advanced tools and reports to validate fairness of the schedule prior to publishing. EZCall makes the scheduling process fast, efficient and fair.
Facilitation of Requests and Switches
EZCall maximizes flexibility for group members using our request and switch features. Users can enter requests for a variety of any number of needs, such as call, no-call, meetings, vacation, non-clinical time, and others. After schedules are published, EZCall allows group members to trade assignments to further optimize their schedule. Administrators have the option to approve both requests and switches, or rules can be set to allow auto-approval based on predetermined criteria.
Reporting and Tracking
Transparency is a key principle behind EZCall. In addition to point, hour and call tracking, there are dozens of reports accessible to the administrator within the schedule creator. In addition, all group members are given visibility into summarized schedule data to build confidence in the fairness of the published schedule.
Corporate Dashboards
EZCall facilitates more efficient staffing by allowing multi-group organizations to operate their schedules either centrally, or independently if preferred. Corporate level reporting consolidates all your staffing data into easy to understand reports that allow you to gain insight not only into how you use your staff, but how you can use your staff more efficiently.


Good Shepherd Hospital

EZCall has allowed me to spend more time working and less time performing administrative obligations and duties. I would recommend this program to any busy department chair.

J. Dean Feldman, M.D.


In our constant changing and expanding group practice we are very pleased with our choice of EZCall Program. We appreciate their dedication to us as customers and their wonderful program.

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