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Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal

Better communication = better care

Have you ever sat on the phone waiting for the cardiologist on call to answer a page, only to learn that the person paged by the operator isn’t actually on call? This happens every day and in every hospital. The increased use of varied departmental call scheduling applications has resulted in siloed schedules that often have to be manually entered into a hospital’s paging system. The result can be significant delays and miscommunications that potentially place patients, providers, and institutions at significant risk.

The Kronos EZCall™ Enterprise Portal helps your organization know who is on call and how best to reach them. By integrating with virtually any departmental scheduling system, the Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal provides health systems with a single, central source of truth.


Real-time access to on-call schedules for a central source of truth

The Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal seamlessly communicates with any departmental scheduling system to ensure health systems have a single, accurate central source of truth. The Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal always knows who is on call.

Integrates with any vendor or departmental scheduling system

Departments can continue to use the products they prefer, such as Kronos EZCall, AMiON®, and others. Any changes to the schedule are automatically updated in the Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal, so everyone always knows who is on call and can easily contact them.

Seamless communication with key people

From a care team to the switchboard operator, quickly communicate with everyone via integrated secure messaging. The Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal can integrate with any secure messaging service, such as Imprivata®.

Streamlined setup and maintenance

A robust interface streamlines setup and maintenance. The Kronos EZCall Enterprise Portal is easily updated to reflect any changes in staffing, such as the addition of new calls.

Partnership with AMiON

For enterprise scheduling to be most effective, every department needs to be engaged with a departmental scheduling application.  AMiON and Kronos have formed a strategic partnership to give each department a choice in scheduling applications.  While EZCall is ideal for most departments, AMiON is works well for those that require fewer automation tools or would like to self-configure their application.  Regardless of your size, specialty, complexity, budget, or support needs, we’ve got you covered.