Your group. Your rules. Your schedule.

Management Companies

EZCall helps you more efficiently manage your staff. Whether you oversee a large number of independently managed groups or cover multiple locations with one large pool of resources, we will save you time and money.

Feature Highlights:

Corporate Dashboards
EZCall facilitates more efficient staffing by allowing multi-group organizations to operate their schedules either centrally, or independently if preferred. Corporate level reporting consolidates all your staffing data into easy to understand reports that allow you to gain insight not only into how you use your staff, but how you can use your staff more efficiently.
Need-Based Resource Deployment
The EZCall OR Manager allows large practices to operate more efficiently. By having a birds-eye view of all available staff, it is easy to shift people from locations that are overstaffed to those in need. This minimizes the need for locums, and increases the overall utilization of the organization. Built in messaging capabilities makes it easy to notify your staff of any scheduling changes.
Reporting and Tracking
Transparency is a key principle behind EZCall. In addition to point, hour and call tracking, there are dozens of reports accessible to the administrator within the schedule creator. In addition, all group members are given visibility into summarized schedule data to build confidence in the fairness of the published schedule.
Automated Daily Schedule
EZCall’s OR Manager makes daily staff management a breeze. It draws data from multiple schedules into easy-to-use daily summaries. Room assignments can be made within the OR Manager, or on paper using our PDF export. Each OR Manager schedule is a dashboard that can be customized based on specific needs. Daily OR schedules may display all staff for a specific location organized by resource type (attending, resident, CRNA, etc.) and availability (onsite, non-clinical, offsite). Call sheets can be created to show all on-call resources across all locations for a given day. Once the assignments are made, they are automatically pushed out to all providers, giving everyone a convenient daily assignment message on their mobile devices.


NorthShore University HealthSystem

It has improved our ability to manage our personnel wisely and improved our ability to have appropriate resources distributed to anesthetizing locations far and wide. We could not manage our daily workflow without it!

Hugh Gilbert, MD

Good Shepherd Hospital

EZCall has allowed me to spend more time working and less time performing administrative obligations and duties. I would recommend this program to any busy department chair.

J. Dean Feldman, M.D.