Your group. Your rules. Your schedule.

Academic Departments

Everything you need to manage your complex staffing needs. Effortlessly manage multiple locations and schedules, track resident rotations, and more.

Feature Highlights:

Rotation Scheduling
With EZCall, you can track the entire lifecycle of a trainee from student through internship, residency, fellowship and beyond. Our Rotation Manager allows you to schedule block-level rotation assignments, and to track rotation history, prequisite requirements and remaining educational needs. Rotations can be assigned using a highly flexible cadence, offering different schedules for interns, residents and fellows. Calls are assigned based on level of training, previous rotations, eligibility, and can even be backfilled at a daily level if needed.
Customized Schedule Views
Schedules within EZCall can be built and viewed in any number of ways. For example, your monthly ICU schedule might show everyone scheduled in the ICU, even though it is comprised of attendings, residents and fellows, each of whom are scheduled by different administrators, on separate schedules. Many of our competitors force you to look at disparate schedules independently, making it very difficult to view a consolidated schedule.
Trainee & Preceptor Assignments
In addition to scheduling department residents on rotations, EZCall allows you to include temporary residents from other departments without permanently adding them to the system. Whether internal or external to the department, resources can be assigned to a preceptor within the system, so that both providers know whom they are assigned to.
Automated Daily Schedule
EZCall’s OR Manager makes daily staff management a breeze. It draws data from multiple schedules into easy-to-use daily summaries. Room assignments can be made within the OR Manager, or on paper using our PDF export. Each OR Manager schedule is a dashboard that can be customized based on specific needs. Daily OR schedules may display all staff for a specific location organized by resource type (attending, resident, CRNA, etc.) and availability (onsite, non-clinical, offsite). Call sheets can be created to show all on-call resources across all locations for a given day. Once the assignments are made, they are automatically pushed out to all providers, giving everyone a convenient daily assignment message on their mobile devices.


We have been very happy with EZCall's product functionality and level of support. During our due diligence process, their status as a...clinician-developed and owned company was extremely attractive, while their price structure was very competitive as well. Our choice was the right one.

Zachary Deutch, MD

Good Shepherd Hospital

EZCall has allowed me to spend more time working and less time performing administrative obligations and duties. I would recommend this program to any busy department chair.

J. Dean Feldman, M.D.